Hi, We’re the Fox Family!

Hi, We’re the Fox Family!

Chasing dreams. Creating memories.

Meet the Fox family, a dynamic crew hailing from the sweet peach state of Georgia. At the helm are Alison and Mike, parents who infuse their family’s journey with a hearty blend of love, laughter, and adventure. With their teenagers Avi and Talia, and loyal rescue dog Scout, the Foxes pursue a family life filled with discovery and growth.

Alison, a self-proclaimed master of the culinary arts and crafting enthusiast, brings warmth and creativity to the family table. Her culinary delights are rivaled only by her fluency in sarcasm, which adds a playful twist to everyday conversations. Mike, a passionate hiker, harbors dreams of conquering the Appalachian Trail section by section. While Alison talks in shades of sarcasm, Mike is driven by data and numbers and isn’t shy about his inner geek and love for technology. When he’s not crafting BBQ masterpieces with the help of wifi-connected digital cooking thermometers, or sharing Dad jokes that elicit groans and giggles, he’s instilling a sense of adventure and self-confidence in his children.

Avi and Talia, the dynamic duo, share a love for trampolining and power tumbling that fuels their competitive spirits. Not stopping at physical prowess, they’ve both achieved the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, exemplifying dedication, community, and leadership. Avi adds yet another facet to his talents as a competitive dancer, moving to the rhythm of his passions. Talia, on the other hand, cherishes quality time with friends and thrives in all math and science pursuits. Both siblings channel their ingenuity into their school’s robotics team, showcasing their love for technology and innovation.

Not to be forgotten, Scout, the four-year-old rescue dog, wags her way into the hearts of the Fox family. With boundless energy for rope toy tug-of-wars and an affinity for cozy cuddles, she’s a beloved companion on their many escapades.

Summers are a special time for the Foxes as they embark on unforgettable journeys in their Tiffin Motorhome, traversing landscapes and creating memories that will last a lifetime. From exploring hidden trails to cooking under the open sky, the Fox family embraces every moment, cherishing the bonds that tie them together. Their story is one of shared dreams, laughter echoing through scenic routes, and a resounding reminder that sometimes the journey is even more important than the destination.