• The Craziest Ideas

    Sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ideas. In February of 2021 we got a dog (which is a story for another time).   While this was kind of crazy, it wasn’t the craziest thing we…

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Hi there

Hi there

We’re the Fox Family.

We are so glad you stopped by and can’t wait to get to know you. We are a family of creators and adventure seekers who love traveling and exploring the world around us. Stick around and follow along in our journey.

The Latest

Featured Posts ➤ September 8, 2023

The Craziest Ideas

Sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ideas. In February of 2021 we got a dog (which is a story for another time).   While this was kind of crazy, it wasn’t the craziest thing we…

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Dog ➤ June 18, 2023

Welcome Back

Anytime we leave our dog Scout in the RV, even for a few minutes, we come back to her waiting by the door for us like a parent waiting up for their child who just…

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Travel ➤ June 17, 2023

First Time Towing With Our Motorhome

This is our third year with Optimus Prime, our class A by Tiffin Motorhomes, but the first year we are towing a vehicle. We’ve named our Chevrolet truck Ironhide, since Ironhide and Optimus Prime were…

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Reviews ➤ June 20, 2022

Kona Honzo Review

What is it? The 2021 Kona Honzo is a 29in hardtail mountain bike that I purchased in December of 2020. The size medium frame is stocked with all kinds of reliable and easily serviced parts. I…

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Our Favorite Adventures

  • My favorite adventures are when we take the rig on a last minute overnighter to go do something cool that we just found out about. It provides a nice break from the daily grind.


  • My favorite part of our RV journeys are when we are parked at a campsite surrounded by nature, sitting outside under our string lights, spending time as a family and enjoying one of my Dad’s campsite grilled specialties.


  • Woof! I get so excited when I see our RV in front of the house because I know  we are about to go somewhere fun.  I love staying at campgrounds that have doggie playgrounds and staff that give me treats.


  • The week after the world shut down for COVID, we backpacked into the woods for a few days to find some normalcy. The irony of that statement is that it was the first time we backpacked as a family of four, yet with all of us involved in scouting, it just felt perfectly normal.


  • My favorite adventures are always when we are all together. Things aren’t always perfect and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. But together we can laugh about it for years to come.